Wednesday, December 11, 2013

What playing sports does

Playing sports is a great way to have fun and a great way to learn and get physical activity. If you're looking for friends, joining a sports team is a great way to connect with people. There are several reasons for this. First, you and your team are all working together and playing by the same set of rules. You need to trust each and as you get to know one another you play off each other's strengths. I have met all of my friends from playing some kind of sport. Most of them that I have met is from my basketball team. Also, sports brings out a variety of people, so you'll instantly share a common point of interest. You don't need to worry about making small talk in order to bond, because the play you're involved in will help you do that. As a result, you'll have more to talk about after the games and practices. But make no mistake, sports also helps you get along socially. If you're someone that struggles with social grace, sports can help teach you about interacting with other people. You'll learn to take the spotlight without arrogance when you win like a champ, and handle losses with humility. One thing you will learn is winning is not everything. As much as I hate losing, losing makes people and teams better. It shows weaknesses you have and makes you out to be a stronger team. It helps in the long run. As you and your teammates play, you'll understand the benefits of giving other people the chance to shine. All of this is invaluable when it comes to making friends. It is all about being a team player and that what playing on a team is all about. People need to learn how to share the wealth. Playing a sport of some kind is also a good way to keep in shape. Playing a sport is an opportunity that everyone can have but not everyone can be successful at. But getting the opportunity to play a sport is a memory no one will ever forget.  You make so many memories playing a sport memories that will last a life time ho matter how old you are.

Watching Baseball

 I like to watch baseball for many reasons. Mainly because it reminds me of my dad watching the Cleveland Indians. We would always watch them any chance we would get, we wouldn’t miss it for the world.  But one of them is its degree of difficulty. Each MLB team has a bunch of minor league teams underneath it. Instructs, rookie ball, Low A, High A, Double A, Triple A. A player generally has to compete and excel against all the guys in that talent pool for a spot in the majors. A star player at a big college program will sometimes start at AA. Most guys it takes years of work to get to the big leagues. In football, a star player can come out of college and be a pro bowl selection his rookie year. In basketball, sometimes guys are all-stars coming out of high school. In baseball you have to earn it. That’s one bad thing about basketball and football is that if you have the body for it and any skill at all you have a great chance of making it big quick. Baseball is much more of a skill sport. You have to be all around good and usually not just one specialty.  Plus it's a game you can talk about. While it's going on, even. The pace isn't fast; it's a game of moments. The rest of life is too crazy and I like to get away from that. These are a couple reasons why I love to watch the sport of baseball. It is so relaxing and just going to a ball park puts you in a good mood. It is Americas game people have to love it.

Watching Football

I absolutely love watching college and professional football. There's no doubt about it people love to watch football. One of the main reasons that people love to watch football is because mankind have always enjoyed watching sports. People have been entertained by sports since the beginning of time. There are many reasons why people love watching football on Sundays and Mondays. Some of them are traditional and some of them are just to escape modern shows, but football is a sport that many Americans love to watch. I find it interesting that the title uses the world people instead of men or guys. More and more females are getting into football now a days and even if it begins with a simple liking of the sport, it's hard for it not to turn into a full love and enjoyment of the sport. It's hard even for women not to love football since it's such an exciting and addicting sport. People love watching football because it is entertaining and hardly ever dull. It is always exciting to watch your team make a comeback and win the game. There is also the great intensity of the game and fact that anything can happen. Pro football has been around for several decades, but sportscasters still always make some wrong predictions since football is unpredictable. Fans really love the passion of a great rivalry game. Every division has two big rivals, and there are some big out of division rivalries too. It's always fun to watch big rivalry match ups and even bet on them. It's great when your team wins a big rivalry, and it's fun to gloat about it as well. Even if they don't you can look forward to getting revenge on them next time. Watching football on Sunday is a long time American tradition. Football does not have a long history of cheating like baseball does. Fans watch football for the thrill of watching fierce competition. It is also wonderful to watch a great player make NFL history. There's no doubt about it football is fun to watch. Many fans claim to enjoy living vicariously through their favorite players. Fans also enjoy getting together with their friends and relaxing for a few hours on the weekend. Betting on a game is also a lot of fun. especially when you win. The best part about being a football fan is having your home team be the SuperBowl Champions. It is wonderful to be able to say that your football team is the best.

What basketball is to me

Basketball is everything to me. I look forward to it all year. Whether it be watching it or playing it. Even though other sports interest me, nothing comes close to basketball. It may cut into my social life, but it doesn’t change the way I love the game. I play basketball pretty much every day and I never get tired of it. You could say it’s my passion. Even though I have been playing pretty much my whole life before I play I still get super nervous, but once they blow the game whistle all the nerves go away. From that time and on it’s just me, my team, and the ball. I cancel everything out. After the game I have this sense of accomplishment. I know I tried my hardest, even if I didn’t have the best game, and I concentrate on the next game. When I make a shot I get this amazing feeling. I don’t even know how to describe it. There’s no other feeling in the world like it. That’s the one thing no one can take away from me and I think that’s what makes me love basketball more. It makes me feel free and helps me get whatever is on my mind off. I feel like basketball is the only the thing I am truly good at. I love my team. We are so close. We act like a family. We all have each other’s backs and can trust each other with anything. We help each other when it comes to basketball and life. There’s no end to what we would do for each other and I love knowing that I have so many people behind me that always have my back. Playing basketball is the one thing I know I will always love to do. When I grow up I want to do something with basketball or just sports in general. People say to do the things you love in life and what would be better than doing you love every day? Basketball is my passion and always will be.

Inspiration Continued

Never underestimate the power of inspiration.  All of the things I’ve listed so far lead up to this final point. Sports showcase the very best within us.  It shows us the will to win.  It reminds us that anyone with a common goal can find ways to work together.  It demonstrates the power of the underdog and the folly of underestimating our opponents. It’s inspiring, and when we’re inspired, we’re motivated.  In those quirky little moments inside our own heads, we remember how common sense was trumped by sheer will.  We remember how nothing is ever as certain as it may seem, and we use that motivation to make something positive happen in our lives. Sound hokey?  It may sound that way, and maybe it is just a little.  But at the same time, it can be those hokey little motivations that pull us above our station.  It’s those cheap little inspirations that give us the courage to meet head-on what we might ordinarily be afraid to face.  Sports remind of us our limitations, but also show us how to overcome them.  College football is a sport of young men who have barely experienced the world.  They’re fresh out of high school and have largely been sheltered by one institution or another.  And yet, despite their youth and despite their inexperience, they show us what is possible within all of us.  Sports will likely never solve any of the world’s greatest problems.  Wars won’t be averted over a simple game of football or a rousing match of cricket.  Diseases won’t go away just because we compete in America’s pastime.  Hunger won’t subside because two people entered a tennis court and dueled it out over several sets.  Life doesn’t work that way. However, sports can do more than entertain or provide an escape.  They’re more than just a way to pass the time.  They are a microcosm of the struggles we face every day, played out in a fashion that leaves few lasting damages.  They’re hope, inspiration and life-lessons, all rolled into a contest that means nothing on the grander scale.  Just because the outcome may mean nothing on the grander scale however, doesn’t mean that a game is “just a game.” It is always more than a game involving sports.

How Sports Inspire

Sports affect people’s lives in all kind of different ways. Whether it is inspirational or for the worse or good it affects it.  Some people sports inspires them to do something they have never done before or to do something great. For example the quarterback of the New England Patriots, Tom Brady. Its safe to say he is one of the best QBs ever. The kid wasn’t drafted until the seventh round. He has a very inspiring story. Brady's story is inspirational because he was the always the underdog in everything in his life. When he was at Michigan, Drew Henson was viewed at as the man over Brady, which was why he slipped all the way down to the 6th round of the 2000 NFL Draft. At his NFL combine workout, he ran one of the slowest 40-meter dashes ever by a QB, and looked like he wasn't even in football shape. However, the one thing that Brady had that many others didn't have was heart and determination to get the job done. People can relate this story to anything they do in life because if you fail or if you’re not very good at something, never give up and always give it your all and you can and most likely will be successful.  Almost anything can inspire people whether it be something tiny or something huge inspiration is what you make it. It is all about the heart.

What sports teaches you

Like I said before sports are very essential to peoples lives. Playing any kind of sport while growing up or even currently can help people with their future in some kind of way. No matter how much experience you had with organized sports it’s likely that your participation has affected your work ethic or career in some way. Research shows that women who played a sport as a child or teen benefit in the following ways. They go further in education, get better jobs, and make more money. How can playing sports really help you become more successful in your life and career? Some things that you learn from being part of a team are the importance of hard work. Sports, as well as other hobbies, teach us that hard work can pay off particularly if you’re not very great at the activity you enjoy. Also Self-discipline, playing a sport requires dedication and training, an important thing to learn for your future career. Winning isn’t everything, sometimes you lose. It’s a fact of life. And the sooner you can accept it, make the best of it and improve for next time, the better attitude you’ll have about challenges in life. Always do your personal best. In life, there will always be someone better than you. As long as you strive for your personal best and continue to improve, you shouldn’t measure success by comparing yourself to others. This is very relevant with my brother. He played basketball all since he was a little kid and up through college for all four years. He is now very successful with a very steady/solid job and makes good money. He got this because of his leadership and ability to work with other people very well. Both things that are taught while playing basketball and both things that learned how to make him a good man.