Wednesday, December 11, 2013

College Basketball

College basketball is something everyone loves. The upsets that no one can predict the madness in March. Watching all of the electrifying players that will make it big in the NBA soon. Anyone who loves the sport of basketball loves to watch college basketball and if given the chance to play. Well after my first year of college I gained some pounds was physically ready to play. So I decided to transfer here and play. Playing college basketball is one of the most indescribable feelings. There are many ups and downs, but the up definitely outweigh the downs. Being part of a team again is a great feeling to have and I absolutely love it. The sport brings back so many memories and takes people to a place they love. Especially when winning there is nothing better. Life is a game of seconds. If one second in your life had been different that could affect your whole life and the rest of it. So is basketball. It is a game of seconds, bad things happen some seconds and some good things happen, but it’s the team that makes the most out of the seconds they get that wins. After playing basketball for a number of years I know that basketball is not an easy sport to play. It may look kind of easy but it is not at all. Basketball affects many things in peoples lives and especially a lot in mine. With all three of their children playing college basketball, my parent got to travel all over to watch us play. It is not only an experience for us playing but and experience for them to come all over and get to watch us do what we love. Its all about doing something you love and doing whatever makes you happy. In my next couple blogs I will begin to talk about how playing sports at a young age and throughout life can help with your life. Not only help but make it better and make for a more successful better life. Also much more healthier and make you feel so much better about the person that you are.

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