Wednesday, December 11, 2013

How Sports Inspire

Sports affect people’s lives in all kind of different ways. Whether it is inspirational or for the worse or good it affects it.  Some people sports inspires them to do something they have never done before or to do something great. For example the quarterback of the New England Patriots, Tom Brady. Its safe to say he is one of the best QBs ever. The kid wasn’t drafted until the seventh round. He has a very inspiring story. Brady's story is inspirational because he was the always the underdog in everything in his life. When he was at Michigan, Drew Henson was viewed at as the man over Brady, which was why he slipped all the way down to the 6th round of the 2000 NFL Draft. At his NFL combine workout, he ran one of the slowest 40-meter dashes ever by a QB, and looked like he wasn't even in football shape. However, the one thing that Brady had that many others didn't have was heart and determination to get the job done. People can relate this story to anything they do in life because if you fail or if you’re not very good at something, never give up and always give it your all and you can and most likely will be successful.  Almost anything can inspire people whether it be something tiny or something huge inspiration is what you make it. It is all about the heart.

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