Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Watching Baseball

 I like to watch baseball for many reasons. Mainly because it reminds me of my dad watching the Cleveland Indians. We would always watch them any chance we would get, we wouldn’t miss it for the world.  But one of them is its degree of difficulty. Each MLB team has a bunch of minor league teams underneath it. Instructs, rookie ball, Low A, High A, Double A, Triple A. A player generally has to compete and excel against all the guys in that talent pool for a spot in the majors. A star player at a big college program will sometimes start at AA. Most guys it takes years of work to get to the big leagues. In football, a star player can come out of college and be a pro bowl selection his rookie year. In basketball, sometimes guys are all-stars coming out of high school. In baseball you have to earn it. That’s one bad thing about basketball and football is that if you have the body for it and any skill at all you have a great chance of making it big quick. Baseball is much more of a skill sport. You have to be all around good and usually not just one specialty.  Plus it's a game you can talk about. While it's going on, even. The pace isn't fast; it's a game of moments. The rest of life is too crazy and I like to get away from that. These are a couple reasons why I love to watch the sport of baseball. It is so relaxing and just going to a ball park puts you in a good mood. It is Americas game people have to love it.

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