Wednesday, December 11, 2013

What sports teaches you

Like I said before sports are very essential to peoples lives. Playing any kind of sport while growing up or even currently can help people with their future in some kind of way. No matter how much experience you had with organized sports it’s likely that your participation has affected your work ethic or career in some way. Research shows that women who played a sport as a child or teen benefit in the following ways. They go further in education, get better jobs, and make more money. How can playing sports really help you become more successful in your life and career? Some things that you learn from being part of a team are the importance of hard work. Sports, as well as other hobbies, teach us that hard work can pay off particularly if you’re not very great at the activity you enjoy. Also Self-discipline, playing a sport requires dedication and training, an important thing to learn for your future career. Winning isn’t everything, sometimes you lose. It’s a fact of life. And the sooner you can accept it, make the best of it and improve for next time, the better attitude you’ll have about challenges in life. Always do your personal best. In life, there will always be someone better than you. As long as you strive for your personal best and continue to improve, you shouldn’t measure success by comparing yourself to others. This is very relevant with my brother. He played basketball all since he was a little kid and up through college for all four years. He is now very successful with a very steady/solid job and makes good money. He got this because of his leadership and ability to work with other people very well. Both things that are taught while playing basketball and both things that learned how to make him a good man.  

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