Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Watching Football

I absolutely love watching college and professional football. There's no doubt about it people love to watch football. One of the main reasons that people love to watch football is because mankind have always enjoyed watching sports. People have been entertained by sports since the beginning of time. There are many reasons why people love watching football on Sundays and Mondays. Some of them are traditional and some of them are just to escape modern shows, but football is a sport that many Americans love to watch. I find it interesting that the title uses the world people instead of men or guys. More and more females are getting into football now a days and even if it begins with a simple liking of the sport, it's hard for it not to turn into a full love and enjoyment of the sport. It's hard even for women not to love football since it's such an exciting and addicting sport. People love watching football because it is entertaining and hardly ever dull. It is always exciting to watch your team make a comeback and win the game. There is also the great intensity of the game and fact that anything can happen. Pro football has been around for several decades, but sportscasters still always make some wrong predictions since football is unpredictable. Fans really love the passion of a great rivalry game. Every division has two big rivals, and there are some big out of division rivalries too. It's always fun to watch big rivalry match ups and even bet on them. It's great when your team wins a big rivalry, and it's fun to gloat about it as well. Even if they don't you can look forward to getting revenge on them next time. Watching football on Sunday is a long time American tradition. Football does not have a long history of cheating like baseball does. Fans watch football for the thrill of watching fierce competition. It is also wonderful to watch a great player make NFL history. There's no doubt about it football is fun to watch. Many fans claim to enjoy living vicariously through their favorite players. Fans also enjoy getting together with their friends and relaxing for a few hours on the weekend. Betting on a game is also a lot of fun. especially when you win. The best part about being a football fan is having your home team be the SuperBowl Champions. It is wonderful to be able to say that your football team is the best.

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