Wednesday, December 11, 2013

What playing sports does

Playing sports is a great way to have fun and a great way to learn and get physical activity. If you're looking for friends, joining a sports team is a great way to connect with people. There are several reasons for this. First, you and your team are all working together and playing by the same set of rules. You need to trust each and as you get to know one another you play off each other's strengths. I have met all of my friends from playing some kind of sport. Most of them that I have met is from my basketball team. Also, sports brings out a variety of people, so you'll instantly share a common point of interest. You don't need to worry about making small talk in order to bond, because the play you're involved in will help you do that. As a result, you'll have more to talk about after the games and practices. But make no mistake, sports also helps you get along socially. If you're someone that struggles with social grace, sports can help teach you about interacting with other people. You'll learn to take the spotlight without arrogance when you win like a champ, and handle losses with humility. One thing you will learn is winning is not everything. As much as I hate losing, losing makes people and teams better. It shows weaknesses you have and makes you out to be a stronger team. It helps in the long run. As you and your teammates play, you'll understand the benefits of giving other people the chance to shine. All of this is invaluable when it comes to making friends. It is all about being a team player and that what playing on a team is all about. People need to learn how to share the wealth. Playing a sport of some kind is also a good way to keep in shape. Playing a sport is an opportunity that everyone can have but not everyone can be successful at. But getting the opportunity to play a sport is a memory no one will ever forget.  You make so many memories playing a sport memories that will last a life time ho matter how old you are.

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