Wednesday, December 11, 2013

What basketball is to me

Basketball is everything to me. I look forward to it all year. Whether it be watching it or playing it. Even though other sports interest me, nothing comes close to basketball. It may cut into my social life, but it doesn’t change the way I love the game. I play basketball pretty much every day and I never get tired of it. You could say it’s my passion. Even though I have been playing pretty much my whole life before I play I still get super nervous, but once they blow the game whistle all the nerves go away. From that time and on it’s just me, my team, and the ball. I cancel everything out. After the game I have this sense of accomplishment. I know I tried my hardest, even if I didn’t have the best game, and I concentrate on the next game. When I make a shot I get this amazing feeling. I don’t even know how to describe it. There’s no other feeling in the world like it. That’s the one thing no one can take away from me and I think that’s what makes me love basketball more. It makes me feel free and helps me get whatever is on my mind off. I feel like basketball is the only the thing I am truly good at. I love my team. We are so close. We act like a family. We all have each other’s backs and can trust each other with anything. We help each other when it comes to basketball and life. There’s no end to what we would do for each other and I love knowing that I have so many people behind me that always have my back. Playing basketball is the one thing I know I will always love to do. When I grow up I want to do something with basketball or just sports in general. People say to do the things you love in life and what would be better than doing you love every day? Basketball is my passion and always will be.

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