Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Sports in my Life

It is safe to say that I am pretty much in love with all sports. When I grew up, I grew up with sports all around me. When I was a little kid, not even in school yet, I remember waiting by the screen door waiting and watching for the bus to drop my brothers off from school. When I seen the bus coming I would always get real excited because I knew play time was about to come. Whether it be playing basketball on the mini hoop in our basement or playing catch on a nice evening while my dad would make food on the grill. Sports have been in my life ever since I can remember. Growing up playing sports with my brothers really made me establish a real competitive personality. Going through elementary playing little league baseball and elementary league basketball really got me started. Not only playing sports but watching them and being a fan of them. Mainly football, basketball and baseball. I grew up watching and listening to the every Cleveland Indians. My dad would never miss a game, if he was home he would relax and watch it in the living room or be outside listening to it on the radio. Ever since I can remember I grew up watching the lions also because my grandpa, dad and brothers would always have the games on. My Brothers have always been huge into sports and that carried on to me too, collecting trading cards and anything to do with sports. When I started to play little league baseball, that started out being my favorite sport to play when I was a little kid. Being with all my pals, and sharing the fun was half the fun, winning was the other half. Sports are much more fun when you win and no one likes losing at anything. When I was little I was also better at baseball than basketball. That’s probably why I liked it more. Usually if someone is bad at something they tend to not like it as much. I would have loved to play football but my school I went to did not have football so that was a sport that I always played on my own with friends. As time went on and as I grew up basketball took over as my favorite sport and that has not changed to this day.

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